Simple Sunday Wisdom.

As many of you know, I love Marilyn Monroe.  I am absolutely dying to see "My Week with Marilyn", but only after I read the book.  She is such an icon and with all that comes the beauty and wonderment, along with the troubled past and lasting impression of a woman gone too soon.  

I was reading a blog post and found this information very fun and interesting:  "Of all the blonde women you know, most of them probably got their hair color from a bottle of peroxide. Not only do blondes allegedly have more fun, studies have shown they’re likelier to sing in public, demand a raise, ask someone out, and complain about their food in a restaurant. No wonder so many women continue to dye their hair."

I don't know if that is all true, but I am known to sing at work, and as for the other things, I probably do them as well. 

May your Sunday be filled with present wrapping and joy!

Stay Sweet,


  1. Hey. Found your blog on FTLOB!
    I've actually been thinking about going blonde for a while now, so this was a fun/inspiring post to read! Blonde hair + guts.. sounds good to me. ;)
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  2. Blonde hair is very pretty! Marylin Monroe is amazing as well.