Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!

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Age: 23

Occupation: Sales Rep

Where are you from: Surrey, B.C., Canada

Favorite photographer to work with: Cherie w/ Cherrybomb photography

Featured photo(s): Get started magazine and car kulture deluxe website

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s)Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite?
Cherie of Cherrybomb photography took both jen hall did makeup and kirsten j of wildchild hair did the hair. They are some of my favorite photos because I love the mood I was in when they were taking. You can really see how I feel in the photos. They were taken in July of 2011.

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? I have been doing this for about one year.

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? My fav pinups are for sure bettie page, marilyn monroe, and bernie dexter.

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Bettie Page, Iron Fist, Lucky 13, Pin Up Girl Couture.

Favorite Designers? Anyone that can turn anything old into something new.

If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be? It would either have to be (Roy) Varga or Molly Mayhem I love both of there work and the moods they capture in them.

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  1. She's so pretty! I like her tattoo!