Holiday Countdown

It is December.  Christmas is just around the corner!  Are you still looking for a cute little gift or stocking stuffer?  Make sure to check out  It has been my go to place for all my gifts this year. 

I would love to post some of them here, but my family reads this, so those stores will have to wait! Instead here are some photos of our christmas decorating around my house.  (would you believe me if I told you I have more halloween decorations, than christmas? Well it's true, sad, but true)

What do your christmas decorations look like? Vintage, Rustic, modern, sparkly?  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the holiday spirit!

3 Sweet Weeks Till Christmas

Stay Sweet,


  1. Pretty tree & decorations!

  2. Your tree is gorgeous! How tall is it by the way? I see it's nearly touching the ceiling!!

    From FTLOB