Holiday Bake Day

Just like last year, and at thanksgiving, my girl friends and I are making yummies and multiplying it to share with our friends and family.

This year I am making seasoned oyster soup crackers, Nutella puppy chow, Homemade Granola, and My dad's famous Chex Mix, and Saltine Toffee Candy.  I usually package it all up and put it is a basket, but this year, I am packaging it in reusable grocery bags.  Mr Elliott calls the "hippie bags", but I love them, plus each person that gets one can reuse the bag!

My friends, Bianca and Rebecca, are making an assortment of goodies too.  We have 20 'basket's to make this year so we are just multiplying all our recipes!  I can't wait to see what they make to add to my bags!

Here are the recipes for all the treats I made this year!

(I like to call mine meowy chow)
*I substituted Honey Nut Chex for regular Chex*

Stay Sweet & Happy Holidays!

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