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Kem's Kandy for the Weekend

I am not sure who ushered in the idea that New Year's Eve had to be celebrated with glitter, but I love that person!

If you haven't figured out by now, I am a huge advocate and lover of all thing glittery and fabulous.  With all that being said, Mr. Elliott and I never really celebrate New Year's Eve.  I am not sure why, other than we are becoming homebodies with age, but we have only been to NYE parties a hand full of times.

Most of the time we talk, and talk, and talk about what we want to do, and just end up doing nothing.  I think I fell asleep long before midnight last year.  (read: how pathetic)

I do have a killer outfit picked out if we decide to go somewhere.  We have been invited to a couple of places, and we really do have every intention of going, it's just, I don't know if we will actually drag ourselves into our car to get there.

So, I am going to devise a plan for a fun way to celebrate at home, if we don't make it out.

1. Snacks
This needs to be a snack attack to beat all attacks.  I am talking a smorgasbord of small treasures.  I will be hitting up the frozen food aisle at Target.  Eggrolls, bagel pizzas, taquitos, chips and salsa.  You know, all the good stuff

2. Movies
I will make sure we have some really good selections to choose from.  In my mind, I could watch all the Harry Potter's.  I mean what is a better way to start the new year, than with Mr. Potter?  Well, Mr. Elliott can probably name a few 100 things he would rather be doing than watching Potter.

3.  Weekend Bed
This is our guilty pleasure!  We bought a top of the line aero bed. We set is up in our basement, right in front of the TV.  Full of pillows, sheets, blankets, etc.  This bed is so comfortable, that leaving it will cause sadness!  

Cue the bed, snacks, and movies!  2012 here we come!

Stay Sweet,

Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!

Our last girl of the year!  She is definitely someone I would like to ring in the New Year with!

Age:  shhhhh

Occupation: Dancer/actor/model & founder of Pastel Supernova Enterprises

Where are you from:  I'm from an energetic and loving home hidden in a place I like to call Latinoland.

Favorite photographer to work with: I have been fortunate to work with great people.  May Troung is amazing for so many reasons.  I'd work with her again anytime.

Featured photo(s):

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s)

"Broken String" photo: Scott Lennon in his studio MUA & Hair: Melissa Nicholl - MUFE
"Party Dress: photo: Ian Compton MUA & Hair: Melissa Nicholl - MUFE
"Secrets" photo: Daniel Frome MUA & Hair: Vincent Tang & Melissa Nicholl - MUFE

Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite? These shots will be part of a pinup photo book I'm working on for the new year. I love them because they're all quite different, as the book explores various pinup styles but also because they were moments I remember having fun with and it turned out they made for good pics too.

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? I've been oggling magazines since I can remember, sneeking over my mother's shoulder while she read and dried her nails... I've been modeling for a little less than that.

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration?  I'm most inspired by Sophia Loren, Bridget Bardot, Marylin... Penelope Cruz, Dita Von Teese and my mother.

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers?  This is difficult to pin down. Depending on my mood I'll love Miu Miu, McQueen, vintage Gucci (60s mainly), Chanel always, Oscar de la Renta, Leboutin.. I could go on. More than anything I love and respect style.

If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be?  Karl Lagerfeld.

Stay Sweet,

Daily Candy

Last week, this dress from the Red Velvet Autumn Collection was featured.  This week I just styled it a little differently!  It is so fun to be able to use a dress as a base, and by simply adding new accessories, or new colors, you can totally change the look of the dress!

Dress: Red Velvet
Boots: Target
Belt: Vintage

Stay Sweet,

Makeout Monday ~ Things I like this week ~ Resolution Edition

Every year I like to make resolutions.  Big things, little things, really anything that I can either strive for, look towards, or things I can change.  I have compiled a new way of how I want to resolve my old ways for the new year!

Add memories from throughout the year, then read them on New Year's Eve.

I am setting 52 goals for 2012. Basically one per week.  I figure that if I go in little increments, I can attain these goals, and if I don't reach all 52 by the end of the new year, well who have I hurt?  No one.

  1. Read 12 books
  2. Visit one new state that I have never been.
  3. Save $100 per month for a rainy day fund
  4. Lose 10 lbs, and keep it off
  5. Continue sustainable living (i.e. organic, non wasteful)
  6. Dine out 2-4 times per month
  7. No TV past 8 pm
  8. Commit to walking my dogs 4 times per week
  9. Take yoga class
  10. Teach one DIY class per month (in person, or via blog)
  11. Update my blog layout
  12. Reset/Restyle my closet
  13. Host a swap party with friends
  14. Schedule one girls night monthly/bi-monthly
  15. Cut my coffee habit in half. (1-2 purchased lattes per week)
  16. Learn a new skill (crocheting, knitting, cake decorating etc)
  17. Refinish Laundry Room
  18. Tile Kitchen and Dining Room
  19. Start a compost pile
  20. Grow a pumpkin patch
  21. Handmade/Homemade Christmas 2012
  22. Get published in a Tattoo Magazine
  23. Finish right arm sleeve
  24. Celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary!
  25. Not freak out about my 30th birthday.
  26. Finish planning Ireland trip
  27. Attend a Blogging Conference
  28. Compile more outfit posts
  29. Find five new bands to enjoy
  30. Volunteer for Dentistry for the Heart/Dr's without borders
  31. Start a memory jar. 
  32. Visit the Caribbean
  33. Perfect Photography skills
  34. Watch every Marilyn Monroe Film
  35. Try one new food per month
  36. Rediscover veganism for a month
  37. Adopt a third puppy!
  38. Write at least one letter per month
  39. Participate in a food drive
  40. Have new professional photos of Mr. Elliott and I
  41. Order updated photos of friends and family to display
  42. Have professional photos of my family taken
  43. Make homemade ice cream
  44. Support local business better!
  45. Purchase new luggage
  46. Practice Safe Sun EVERYDAY!
  47. Bake a cake, once a month, from scratch
  48. Help Mr. Elliott finish truck project
  49. Install an attic fan in our house
  50. Plan weekend trips one per season.
  51. Set up a "shop my closet" or online store
  52. Vintage shop and document it!
I hope this inspires goals in your life, for the new year!  What do you want to achieve with the roll in of another calendar year?

Stay Sweet,

Holiday Countdown

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!  

Stay Sweet,

Kem's Kandy for the Weekend


I love these tattoos.  Love them.
I hope that if you are traveling this weekend, that the road is kind to you, the skies are beautiful, and the houses are welcoming!  Merry Christmas!

Stay Sweet,

Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!

// Lovely Rita // Pinup Lifestyle // Model Mayhem // Tumblr //

Age: 27

Occupation: Model, Actress, and MUA "Your Face Is In My Hands - Makeup by Lovely Rita"

Where are you from: La Selva Beach -(Santa Cruz) & San Francisco

Favorite Photographer to work with: Amparo Pena aka Glamour Girl Pinups

How long have you been modeling: Since I was 14 years young

Who are your favorite Pinup Models / Inspiration: Lauren Luck, Angela Ryan, Mosh, Devin Marie, Jessamyn Rose, Michele Del Rey, Shelby Loveland, Jessica D. Emery, Daibreeon aka Firme Hyna, Kelsey Alexandra, and Doris Mayday. -(I know ... that's a lot!)

What is your favorite Clothing Lines / Designers: (Pinup specific) Unique Vintage (their line),Fables by Barrie, Pinup Girl Clothing, Bettie Page Clothing, Heartbreaker Fashion, Stop Staring!, My Baby Jo (their line), and Lolita Girl Clothing. (Non-Pinup Specific) Miss Patina, Trollied Dolly, BB Dakota and Jack by BB Dakota, Motel Rocks, Tulle, Eva Franco, Sugarhill Boutique, and Dear Creatures.

If you could shoot with any Photographer, who would it be: 
Laura Byrnes, Viva Van Story, Alvarado, Miss Missy Photography, Girlie Show Photography, Glamorama Studio, and Vestige Photography.

Stay Sweet,

December's Sweet Giveaway

This month Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth is helping you roll into the new year with some cuteness for your purse featuring Johnathan Adler!  This little treasure trove of goodies features a iPhone 4 phone case, Johnathan Adler Pen and a notebook that are all graphically designed by Mr. Adler.

If you are not familiar with his design, check it out (and where have you been?!?)  I love the bold colors, clean lines, and just the overall graphic nature of Johnathan Adler, so it is perfect way to update the grungy pen, phone case and notebook you are holding in your purse!

Plus, in January, I will be kicking off a creative installment, that will put that notebook to good use!

Good Luck!

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Daily Candy

This dress is sooo cute in person! I felt like a living doll in it!  I got this dress a few weeks ago, from a very old friend.  Elsie Larson and I have known each other for, like, almost 12 years.  Crazy how time flies!  Ms. Larson is the creator and owner of Red Velvet Boutique and Art in Springfield, Mo.  This dress is from her autumn collection.  I styled mine with mustard tights, brown suede peep toe wedges (Steve Madden), leather belt (Levi's) and a stack of bangles.  Oh, and my Christmas present, a tortoise shell Micheal Kors watch!

Thanks Elsie! This is one of my favorites!

Stay tuned for next week, cause I am going to re-style this dress for another cute way to wear it!

Stay Sweet,

Simple Sunday Wisdom.

About a year ago, I made myself pledge to start wasting less, and conserving more.  I have made sure I have upgraded/downgraded in appropriate areas to increase less consumption and save more energy.

The first place I started was converting all bulbs in my house to compact florescent bulbs.  If you live in a larger house, you might just start with one floor, if it is too expensive up front to change all lightbulbs in your house at once.  I have lived in my house for 4 years, and have not once, had to replace a lightbulb.  Pretty amazing in the long run.

Secondly, I decided to only buy cleaning products that are eco friendly, or homemade.  And by all, I mean all.  Slowly buy surely I used up my old cleaning products, and replaced them with Seventh Generation or Method Brand.  This goes for Laundry, Kitchen, Bathroom, and General cleaning supplies.  The great thing is, these two brands are inexpensive and readily available at most department stores!
Third, I changed from buying fragrance wall plug in and candles, to either opening the windows or purchasing soy candles.  Soy candles will burn cleaner and long than traditional candles, not to mention the fragrances in soy candles are typically more realistic in scent!

Lastly, shop vintage.  Not only are you using things from the past, but you are inspiring style from what is readily available.  I love vintage shopping and I can always find a good use for items of the past.

So, while you are gearing up for Holiday Guests, think about ways you can change some habits in your house to be more eco friendly.  Remember, the first step is always the hardest.

Stay Sweet,

Holiday Countdown

It is coming down to the wire, people!  I have finished all my shopping and wrapping.  My living room looks like an explosion of presents!  Here are my final ideas for the Holiday Season! I hope you have had a fun time searching for a perfect gift for your family or friends.  Besides, that is what is should be, no stress, and a treasure seeking adventure.

8 Sweet Days Until Christmas!

These would be perfect for Christmas or just to celebrate the Winter Season.  The handmade snowflake topper is my favorite!

If you are still looking for a last minute gift, especially for the person who has everything, this would make a great present!  You could even buy a few plain mats and personalize them for Hostess Gifts.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend full of stress free, relaxing time!  Enjoy this time, because before you know it, it will be NEXT YEAR!

Stay Sweet,

Kem's Kandy for the Weekend

I always look for way to get dressed up, and a winter formal is definitely on my list of fun places to go, dressed to the nines.

I will be spending the last weekend before Christmas with Mr. Elliott enjoying friendship, good music, and fancy clothes!

What are you doing this weekend to celebrate family traditions, holiday celebrations, or simply enjoying the season?

Stay Sweet,

Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!

// Susie pie // Pinup Lifestyle //

Age: 23

Occupation: Sales Rep

Where are you from: Surrey, B.C., Canada

Favorite photographer to work with: Cherie w/ Cherrybomb photography

Featured photo(s): Get started magazine and car kulture deluxe website

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s)Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite?
Cherie of Cherrybomb photography took both jen hall did makeup and kirsten j of wildchild hair did the hair. They are some of my favorite photos because I love the mood I was in when they were taking. You can really see how I feel in the photos. They were taken in July of 2011.

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? I have been doing this for about one year.

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? My fav pinups are for sure bettie page, marilyn monroe, and bernie dexter.

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Bettie Page, Iron Fist, Lucky 13, Pin Up Girl Couture.

Favorite Designers? Anyone that can turn anything old into something new.

If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be? It would either have to be (Roy) Varga or Molly Mayhem I love both of there work and the moods they capture in them.

Stay Sweet,

Daily Candy

This post is not about what I am wearing today, it is about what my table is wearing.  When I got married, I was basically a baby.  On the cusp of being 20.  When I think back to what I was like then, I am amazed at how much I have changed, but also how much I have not changed.

I would hope that everyone can look back on their early 20's and realize how far they have come.  One thing that hasn't changed is my taste for decadence.  Well, honestly, I do have far more expensive taste, but I have always leaned a little outside the edge of my monetary zone.  However, I do like a good bargain, this is probably where I have changed the most.  Frugality.  Which leads me into my table.

When I was a young bride, registering for gifts, I knew I had no room in my life, or tiny kitchen, for that matter, for a china pattern.  Mr. Elliott and I glanced around the china area of the department store and quickly realized, china is beautiful, but does not meet our everyday needs.  (To be honest, china doesn't really met our special fancy needs either.)

So, to make a long story, short, my mother gifted me her china from her marriage to my father.  It is so special to me because it took them a long time to collect it.  And with this background to my china's story, I cherish it even more!

When I am out and about, I always make sure to check for pieces to add to my collection.  Black Friday I managed to hit the jackpot.  I purchase two dinner plates, four saucers, three cups, two platters, a creamer and sugar bowl, and a partridge in a pear tree :)

That purchase made my heart soar.  I know that the search is always something that I can look forward to whenever I am just out browsing antique/thrift stores.  To me, it is like resurrecting a part of my childhood, one piece of china at a time.  

Makeout Monday ~ Things I like this week

Today it is all about the vintage Barbie esthetic.  I loved Barbies when I was little. My cousin and I would play barbies for hours.  It is probably where my love for accessories stemmed from.  Barbie had it all, and if she didn't have it all right now, you could buy it for her later.  Besides, every girl is still looking to move into her own personal Dream House, sooner or later.

Stay Sweet,

Simple Sunday Wisdom.

To me, there is nothing better than crawling into your bed, when it is made with clean, extra soft linens.  I love getting new sheets and bedding, especially when I know I have a long weekend coming up!

Sunday's, for Mr. Elliott and I, consist of sleeping in, cuddling with our puppies, and enjoying tea or coffee while relaxing in our most comfortable bed.

I usually try to update our bedding once every 6 months of so.  I just realized the other day that it has been over a year since our last update, so I will be scoping out sales this weekend to update our bedroom, plus create a warm and inviting slumber.

So of my favorite updates to get are:

  • New Pillows.  If you can fold your pillow in half, and it does not immediately spring back, it is time for new pillows.
  • New Sheets.  I usually by two sheet sets, so that I can always have a set to use, while to other is in the wash.
  • Duvet cover.  I love the amount of change you can get just by changing your duvet cover!
I am also thinking of looking into some other new items.  A feather bed topper to put on our mattress.  An electric blanket for the winter.  A new dust ruffle, preferably one that is tailored and crisp.  A new rug for our bedroom, along with some new lamps.

Our bed room is shades of gray, light blue, and chocolate browns.  I like to keep things in the vein of comfort and colors that induce calmness and tranquility.

What would you update in your bedroom as a way to ring in the New Year in style and comfort?

Stay Sweet,

Kem's Kandy for the Weekend

Since it is December, already, I have either been invited to, or plan on attending Holiday Parties!  One thing I love about Holiday Parties is the amount of sparkle that you can get away with.  I pretty much like to introduce sparkle into my wardrobe daily, but at Christmas, and New Year's Eve, you can up the anty and wear it head to toe! That is what I call 'my kind of sparkle'.

I have my work Holiday Party tonight, so I am busy planning and putting together every piece I want to wear.  My office is going to The Melting Pot (a fondue resteraunt) and just being able to enjoy each other outside of the confines of a dental office! Hip Hip Hooray.

Here are some items I would put on my must have holiday sparkle list!

Rhinestone Tights, Lux DeVille Bags, Bordello Shoes

Stay Sweet,

Makeout Monday ~ Things I like this week

the color is called Tea & Crumpets! How perfect
One of my favorite things to enjoy is a cuppa tea.  Especially if it is in a beautiful cup!  The midwest is not really known for being the hub of culture, so the lack of tea places is large.  There are some speciality stores and have tea and snacks.  One of my new year's resolutions is to become a regular at a tea shop.  

Do you have something that you love to indulge in?

Stay Sweet,