Simple Sunday Wisdom

Since cooler weather is fast approaching many states and with the holidays looming, everyone is looking for ways to cut cost, pinch their pennies, and just how to be "green", without spending all their green.  Here are a few tips that may help your house be a little greener, and also prepare your home for winter guests and holiday parties!

1. Heating and cooling a home is where a lot of money is spent.  If you are lucky enough to live somewhere, where heating is already part of your monthly payment, then you are set!  But, most of us have to fork out some green when the temperature starts to cool. Depending upon the weather, every degree above 68 increases your overall fuel consumption by as much as 3 percent.  So, kick your thermostat down, layer up your clothing and build a fire in the fire place! Enjoy the scents and smells of winter.

2.  Have your vents and duct cleaned and inspected for leaks.  Not only with the air circulation improve, but you won't be heating the outdoors on your own dime!

3. Install a programmable thermostat.  This was one of the smartest things I have done in my house.  Not only to I know exactly what degree my house is, but I can set it to kick on before I get home, so my house is only really really warm when I am there to enjoy it!

4. Close vents in rooms that do not get used that much.  Don't forget to open them before your guests stay with you though!

5. Check for leaks around windows, doors, electrical outlets, etc.  These can be sealed up with caulking or weather stripping.  It doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but when it comes down to your hard earned money flying right out the window, suddenly, it is a big deal.

6. Lastly, check all lighting in your house.  Make note of where you can switch to an energy efficient bulb or simply just a lower wattage light.  

Stay Sweet,

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  1. These are such good tips! This is our first year in our apartment, and I'm curious to see what our power bill looks like. Stopping by from FTLOB!

  2. I like these! They're so helpful! And I like the decoration around the thermostat there, very cute. It inspires me to pretty up my own in the living room. :)

  3. Great tips! I live in a dorm right now, but I know that when I move into an apartment next year I will have to be careful about that.

  4. My dining room has been freezing for about a week now and I could not for the life of me figure out why. I adjusted vents, opened some, closed others. We have those stupid baseboard vents that freak me out thinking they'll catch something on fire. Then I finally realized the screen window on my back door was open! Even with the door itself closed, that little bity inch opening was enough to make my dining room cold. And who wants to eat in a cold dining room?! That's just not pleasant.
    These are great tips!
    Oh, new follower.
    But found you from FTLOB :)

  5. Hopping over from FTLOB Comment Love Sunday!

    Great tips! As a rule I don't touch the thermostat. That is husband territory and if forced to have to touch it I panic and turn it in the wrong direction. New Years Resolution: Learn the darn thermostat so I can implement your tip.

  6. Hope you had a great weekend. Found your site through Comment Love Sunday. What a fantastic idea for decorating the thermostat! Thanks for all the ideas.