Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!

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Age: 27

Occupation: Crisis worker in the Emergency Room

From: CT / NY

Favorite Photographer to work with: Aaron Lewis or Bruce Lemler.

(The last few photos are) from a shoot with Aaron Lewis which was done in August 2011. Hair and makeup done by me. These photos are extra from a shoot I did for a pinup calendar coming out next month. I love the one of me getting out of the car... the car is such a classic!!!

The first few photos are from a shoot with Bruce Lemer (the more risque photos). Hair and makeup by Mila Thomas. These pictures are beautiful to me, especially because I was nervous to do this shoot because I'm not a skinny minnie.... and the fact its all natural: beautiful without any photoshopping.

How long have I been modeling: I changed my life in March 2011 by taking better care of myself. I was fortunate to meet some amazing people at the time all by chance who have been pushing me to pursue my goals. I love positivity and surrounding myself with it. I hope I can maybe make it one day and help others the way I've been helped. This industry is crazy I'm learning lol... its nice to come across genuine people now and then. 

Favorite pinup(s): Definitely Bettie Page..Doris Mayday...Sabina Kelley.. and some Marilyn Monroe

Favorite clothing line(s): Bettie Page of course!

If you could shoot with any photographer: Hmm..  Roy Varga or Frank Antonio

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  1. <3 that first photo!

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  3. my favorite feature too.. shes pretty

    oh i got your email.. yes i got the latte machine! I cant wait to use it :)

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