Kem's Kandy for the Weekend

This weekend, I am not going Black Friday Shopping.  I am instead going to relish in the long weekend with friends and family.  I might go shopping, but it will only be at thrift stores. Do you think thrift stores have black fridays sales?  I will be sure to find out.

I do have two old doors that Mr. Elliott brought home for me.  I am looking all around for inspiration for them.  They are old, more than a little rustic, and when I look at them all I want to know is where they were used and who's hand could have touched them.  I have posted below a couple of cute ideas, but I am not sure if my doors would work this way. We shall see.

For the rest of my friday, I am hosting an After Thanksgiving Soup Bar.  I am making Potato Soup (with different toppings the choose from) and a Vegetable Soup with an assortment of yummy sides.

What does your after thanksgiving tradition consist of?

Stay Sweet,


  1. i've seen a door used as a headboard that was super cute! i hope the thrifts have black friday sales, i'm about to go find out! happy friday!

  2. yesterday was tons of food and family.. today is quiet day recovering.. i didnt go shopping either :D

  3. They're both great ideas! can't wait to see what idea you come up with :)

  4. Interesting we were just about to post our old rundown front door on craiglist. I'm trying to decide if I want to go the creative route and use them around the house. I really like that mirrored door :) Both really cute ideas...

    Found you through FTLOB, really cute blog you have here.. following you now :)