Holiday Countdown

We have now entered actual days until Thanksgiving.  Do you have your menu planned?  What special things to you do with your loved ones to make new traditions or revisit old favorites?  This year I am going to spend Thanksgiving Day with my in laws and the day after cooking for my family.  We are deep frying a turkey this year, with my dad's help.  He has been deep frying turkeys for at least 20 years.  I have no idea how they taste, but everyone seems to like a bird that has been fried.

Nothing says holidays to me more than Spice Cookies.  Check out this recipe for a sweet take on one of my favorite cookies! Besides, Martha would never pass out a bad recipe.

My Mom would love this cute etsy shop full of pillows!  All are made from burlap or grain sacks and offer a special amount of charm and homeyness.  

6 Sweet DAYS Till Thanksgiving
6 Sweet Weeks Till Christmas
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