Vintage Inspirations~ Let's bring back!

I would love to bring back ID bracelets.  I am not sure, if during my entire life, that these have been "popular".  Monograms have come in and out of style, but ID bracelets have not made a great reappearance.  

"Military inspired ID bracelets became a fashionable accessory for women during World War II, when GI's gifted them to their sweethearts.  By the war's end, sterling silver ID bracelets were being advertised in magazines as "the perfect gift": Your name was engraved on the front and a private message was stamped on the back."  ~Lets Bring Back, M. Blume

Would you like an ID bracelet?  I think I would, especially if it contained a private message!

Stay Sweet,


  1. it's so pretty!!!

  2. i had an i.d. bracele JUST like that -- a gift from my grandmother that i got in 1980 when i was in 5th grade; along with a monogrammed sweater. i ♥'d both. outgrew the sweater and i am not sure what happened to the bracelet?

    now i want one!

  3. :) I would wear a set of my husband's dog tags around my wrist while he was in Iraq. This a very sweet idea! (Less clanky than dog tags too!)

  4. I would love that bracelet! Very pretty :)