Simple Sunday Wisdom

Since we now are very aware that the holidays are upon us, I thought today would be a great day to talk about Guest Rooms.  I believe that offering something wonderful to traveling guests is, not only nice, but should be a given.  

I do have the luxury of having a couple of spare rooms.  My office, that is outfitted with the bed I grew up with, and an actual spare guest room.  I don't think you have to break the bank by transforming these rooms into full on guest rooms, but some thought should be given to people who are staying in your house.  

  1. Make sure the room is clean and inviting.  Even if your guest is spending the night on a pull out sofa, offer some cheerful sheets and a lamp in that corner of the room.  
  2. Take away the clutter from the area or room.  That means that if your room is dual purpose, you should find another place for your family to check email etc.  Offer your guest complete privacy in where ever they are staying.
  3. Create a special environment for your guest.  Whether it be a plate of cookies local to your area, or perhaps a small coffee pot with an assortment of coffee or tea.  Have you ever visited someone that did that for you?  If no, wouldn't you like to experience that for yourself?
  4. Offer something to read.  Put out a book, or a couple magazines.  I love to read before I fall asleep and sometimes I forget to bring my precious kindle.
  5. Add a nice little touch.  You might even put together a cute little basket filled with special treats.  Maybe a little chocolate bar, travel sized lotion from a favorite boutique, even something they will be able to take home that you picked up at a flea market or antique store.  Just make it thoughtful.

I hope these sweet ideas transform your guest room, or corner into a treasured place to stay!
Stay Sweet,

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  1. Great ideas! It can totally make a trip to have a nice book or sweet surprise waiting for you in your "room"-thanks for sharing :-)

  2. <3 the first photo!!!

  3. Thanks! Those are all from my house!