Makeout Monday ~ Things I like this week

These are a list of my favorite shows.  Some of them are new - Pan Am, American Horror Story - and some of them are in their next season, but all of them are shows worth checking out.

What is your 'much watch show' of the fall?

Stay Sweet,


  1. I LOVE PanAm. I can't get over their makeup. I actually went out and bought liquid eyeliner. It's a great show with some awesome storylines! Definitely my favorite new show! =)

  2. I am loving pan am! i dvr'd last night episode cant wait to see it.

  3. @Amanda YAY for liquid eye liner! I love a good cat wing eye! <3

    @ Jodi I dvr'd last night too. Can't wait to watch it! Do you watch Mad Men also? Similar time period.

  4. These all look pretty cool! I'm into criminal minds & house :)