Holiday Countdown

As I am sure you are aware, the countdown to the Holidays has begun.  I am not just talking about Christmas either.  I always feel a little sad for Thanksgiving, as I think it has just become a segway to Christmas.  I am also usually a little too eager to get my Christmas stuff up and kind of just roll right past Thanksgiving.  This year, I promise, it is going to be different in the Elliott House. 

With this countdown to both Holidays, I thought I would give, each Saturday, one handmade gift idea (or a great Etsy item) around $100 and one recipe to share with friends and family.  This year, I am vowing to have a Handmade Christmas, meaning all gifts are either made by me, or Mr. Elliott, OR gift are handmade by some one else (via etsy, festival finds, ect)

 Chocolate Chip Biscotti

This is, hands down, one of my favorite things to bake and give during the holidays.  Biscotti.  And this particular recipe comes from one of my favorite bloggers over at Sugarlaws.  If the thought of making a Italian style cookie scares you, please know, this is no muss, no fuss.  You CAN do it! I promise they will be gobbled up.

These rings are gorgeous and would make a beautiful gift for your wife, mom, sister, best friend, or really any woman in your life.  And guess what, they are HAND made right here is the good ol' USofA.  perfection!  These are just slightly over $100.

This set of 5 rings looks fantastic worn together with their dreamy deep blues and purples - deep blue Iolite, royal blue lapis flecked with gold, purple Amethyst, and gray blue Labradorite. They can be worn as singles or worn as anchor rings to hold other rings in place. I made them of sterling silver and given them simple textures - some hammered, some grooved. Simply an elegant addition to your collection. Each ring is unique. Variations in pattern will occur but your set will be very similar to the one pictured and just as nice.

7 Sweet Weeks Till Thanksgiving
11 Sweet Weeks Till Christmas

Stay Sweet,


  1. I actually want to do the same this year for my family -- everything handmade!