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Makeout Monday ~ Things I like this week

Halloween Edition!  Here are some of my favorite costumes I have found.  I grew up in a household that was all about creating costumes from nothing.  We never bought our costumes, my mom or grandma always made them.  And they always rocked, and always won the costumes contests at school.

Have a safe and happy halloween!

Stay Sweet, 

Simple Sunday Wisdom

Since we now are very aware that the holidays are upon us, I thought today would be a great day to talk about Guest Rooms.  I believe that offering something wonderful to traveling guests is, not only nice, but should be a given.  

I do have the luxury of having a couple of spare rooms.  My office, that is outfitted with the bed I grew up with, and an actual spare guest room.  I don't think you have to break the bank by transforming these rooms into full on guest rooms, but some thought should be given to people who are staying in your house.  

  1. Make sure the room is clean and inviting.  Even if your guest is spending the night on a pull out sofa, offer some cheerful sheets and a lamp in that corner of the room.  
  2. Take away the clutter from the area or room.  That means that if your room is dual purpose, you should find another place for your family to check email etc.  Offer your guest complete privacy in where ever they are staying.
  3. Create a special environment for your guest.  Whether it be a plate of cookies local to your area, or perhaps a small coffee pot with an assortment of coffee or tea.  Have you ever visited someone that did that for you?  If no, wouldn't you like to experience that for yourself?
  4. Offer something to read.  Put out a book, or a couple magazines.  I love to read before I fall asleep and sometimes I forget to bring my precious kindle.
  5. Add a nice little touch.  You might even put together a cute little basket filled with special treats.  Maybe a little chocolate bar, travel sized lotion from a favorite boutique, even something they will be able to take home that you picked up at a flea market or antique store.  Just make it thoughtful.

I hope these sweet ideas transform your guest room, or corner into a treasured place to stay!
Stay Sweet,

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Holiday Countdown

We are now in week four of the Holiday Countdown.  Officially the end of October, in fact Halloween is already this weekend.  I do have to admit, I am really to shed my halloween decorations for Thanksgiving. I am truly going to make an effort this year to not rush towards Christmas.  (I always do)

Peanut Butter Fudge.  This recipe comes from one of my favorite blogger.  And who doesn't love fudge?

Sweet Kitty Doll.    This cute little doll would be a perfect gift for an little girl in your life.  It is so cute, I kinda want one for myself!

4 Sweet Weeks Till Thanksgiving
8 Sweet Weeks Till Christmas

Stay Sweet,

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Kem's Kandy for the Weekend

Since the holidays are creeping up on us, I thought I might start thinking about Holiday Travel.  Now, I don't have to travel far, like flying on an airplane, but I do have to pack luggage when visiting my family in Southwestern Missouri.

I always thought it would be so glamourous to fly "home" for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  You know what I'm talking about, those holiday movies, where the cute little couple flies into town to see the awaiting family.  They always arrive right when the large family is sitting down for the meal.  There are hugs, and kisses, and excitement exchanged.

I know that flying during the holidays is not that glamourous.  There is delays, cancelled flights, and lost luggage that replaces all the scenic memories portrayed to us through movies.

I do, however, think that there are little things that you can start putting together to make your traveling a little easier!  So here is my kandy for the weekend:

First, get some good, really good luggage.  I recommend hard cased luggage is a bright cheery color or fun pattern.  The reason for a hard case is because how many times have you had the airlines totally chew up your beautiful piece just by running it through security.

Second, get a lovely weekender bag for carry on.  Something that abides by airline security, but something that is roomy enough to hold a change of clothes, makeup, and essentials.  Seems crazy but, seriously, if there is a chance your luggage could get lost, which there always is, at least you have pi's and fresh clothes until you can get to the store.


Third, do not pack tiny bottles of your toiletries.  Save yourself the trouble of possibly getting flagged at check in.  Make a list of all your needs (shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, contact solution, toothpaste, etc) and purchase the travel size them when you get to your travel destination.  Use them while you are on vacation, then toss before you leave.  Target has a really great section of travel sized products.  Check out their selection.

Fourth, Pre wrap and mail any of your gifts.  Trust me.  It is cheaper and less worry to know your gifts get there, and don't get lost in baggage claims.

Five, Pack your own personal adult fun pack.  I always make sure I have magazines (make sure you don't read ANYTHING the month you are leaving, save it for the plane!), iPod, kindle loaded with books, neck pillow, sweater (even if it is not cold where you are leaving from), sunglasses, and plenty of water!

I hope this helps get your travel plans in order.

Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!

  This hot little number is from Texas and man alive, she is a cutie! Take a look, cause she does her own MU and Hair!  That is hard to find in a model and these photos she took herself! Look out cause this doll should be blowing up the scene soon!

// Holly Johnson // Facebook //

Age: 33

Occupation: Horticulture Technician/ Floral Designer

From: Katy, Tx (born in Abilene, Tx, Raised mostly in Midland, Tx)

Favorite Photographer to work with: Niko Flores  http://nikoflores.com/home.htm

Featured Photos: Me with my vintage inspired look

 Hair and Makeup: Myself

Photographer of featured photos: Myself or my husband

Location of featured photos: In my car working and out and about in Houston, Tx

About the photos: My favorite one is probably the one where Im in Galveston, Tx on my way to the bathing beauties vintage show~ a closeup with my victory rolls in my hair wearing red white and blue. It was mine and my husbands anniversary.

 I havent done any professional modeling but I would very much like to. I've been playing with my look and becoming more involved in the retro scene for about a year now. I feel that my face, my curves, and my personality are best suited to the vintage style of hair, makeup, and curves of the glamorous women of the the 40's and 50's era. My vanity walls are covered with inspirational bombshells like Mamie Van Doren, Jane Mansfield, Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, and Anna Nicole Smith which I've been told I look like since I was 15 years old.

My favorite pinup of modern day is definately Doris Mayday. She has the perfect hourglass and platinum hair of the classic bombshell. She makes every outfit look good.

My favorite clothing lines include Pinup Girl Clothing, Hellbunny, Unique Vintage, and Bettie Page Clothing.

If I could shoot with any photographer it would be Roy Varga hands down! He is the very best in the business and gets the perfect angles along with the most creative props and backdrops. His hair and makeup team are also the best at creating a bombshell out of any plain jane girl to make her look amazing. 

Stay Sweet,

Daily Candy

Dress: Target
Jeans: Seven Brand
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle
Sweater: Hollister

It is gorgeous in Kansas City.  Warm and the air is filled with the smells of autumn.  My very favorite time of year.  P.s. Mr Elliott made that jack-o-lantern.

Makeout Monday ~ Things I like this week

This is the Tshirt Edition.  You know even in the most fashion forward closets, you have to have some funny tshirts.  I love shirts that are quirky and most definitely have a cat or two on it. 

Top Four Shirts via Threadless

Top six shirts from Busted Tees.

Another great shirt website is shirt.woot.com.  I have some really great shirts from there.  

Stay Sweet, 

Simple Sunday Wisdom

This week is about great uses for old things.  Think of it as a refresh on recycling goods that you thought wouldn't serve a purpose anymore.  I love the idea of using items in a new and useful way, rather than throwing them out completely.

1.  Use an old tablecloth or great vintage find, that maybe has some stains, to cut into cloth napkins or dish towels.  Doing this is simple and doesn't take much time at all.  Cut your fabric into appropriate sizes and seam on the ends to keep from fraying.  I love this idea because you know get a dual use out of something that was purchased for a single use.

2.  Don't throw out old or outdated placemats.  Simple cut them down, or size them to use a drawer liners.  These can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, or even the kitchen.

3.  If you are getting ready to purchase a new gas range, save the burner grates.  Clean them well, spray paint them a fun new color, and use them as trivets in your kitchen.  You could even use them plant draining too.

4.  If you have a pile of lost socks, and you know you are never going to find it's mate, these are perfect for new animal toys.  Knot the socks for a great new tug-of-war toy for your dog, or place a scoop of catnip in the toe and knot the end for a neat new toy for your kitty.

I hope this gives you a new eye is seeing some of your treasures!  I bet you can even find new life in things that aren't mentioned here.

Stay Sweet,

Holiday Countdown

Holiday Countdown, Week 3.  Can you believe that we are already towards the end of October?  I am starting to plan my thanksgiving menu and sorting out the details.  I am sure this new recipe will find its way to my table.

Pumpkin Cookies with Caramel Frosting.  I love pumpkin flavored anything and these cookies seem like they will hit the spot!

My choice for a handmade gift this week is from Paper Mama.  The cute little lady makes custom illustrations of your family.  So cute, and seems like a wonderful gift to give.  Visit her etsy shop to view all her custom creations.

5 Sweet Weeks Till Thanksgiving
9 Sweet Weeks Till Christmas

Stay Sweet,

Kem's Kandy for the Weekend

One of my favorite things about autumn is the scents.  I slowly start switching over my candles, lotions, and perfumes to a more woodsy, spicy scent.  I love the smell of cinnamon, pumpkin, apple, spices, etc.  So, I thought I might share with you some of my favorite perfumes for the autumn season.

Marc Jacobs Fig is a new go to fall fragrance.  It smells so spicy, but clean too.  It reminds me of a feminine  cologne.  Not sweet smelling at all, but a deep, full robust perfume.  I love it!

With Love, Hilary Duff.  This fragrance became a favorite, kind of, as a joke.  I have been told, a lot, that I look like Hilary Duff, so to be funny, a friend of mine bought this perfume for me, and I ended up loving it.  It has a very "girlie" scent, but spicy as well.  For some reason I think of this perfume like honey and spice rolled into one.  It is thick, sweet, and sensual.  Again, I love it.

I think it is good to have more than one perfume, per season, that you wear.  I wear the above two, alternating days, from September through March.  When the spring starts to appear, I switch up to something floral and sweet.  

I think having a signature scent is a great thing, but keep them guessing by moving from season to season.  

What is your favorite perfume to wear?

Stay Sweet,

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October Sweet Giveaway! CLOSED

This giveaway is seriously one of my favorite items in my kitchen.  Especially since it is cold outside!  My dad purchased this for me, for Christmas, about 6 or 7 years ago, and I am still using it and loving it!  

 Cocoa Latte makes some of the best hot chocolate! Promise.  You can make other yummies in it too, but hot cocoa is one of my favorites.  You can even up the anty by adding some Peppermint Schnapps to make a tasty adult version. 

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Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!

Name // blog name//website:    Sofia Jasso

Age:    32

Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Where are you from:     Mexico City

Favorite photographer to work with:    Angela Morales

                                 MUA/HAIR: VERONICA LYN
 Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s)     Angela Moreles Photography/home studio

Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite?    I always wanted to do something like that, I always been shy and had issues with self esteem for been little overweight about a year ago when i finally lost some of the extra weight I thought it would be the perfect timing I was feeling really good about myself and decided to do it I found Angela on Facebook and just love her work how she brings the vavoom out of you and she really understands you and makes you feel comfortable. The pictures I choosen are my favorite because she brings out my best features I think MY LEGS, I look like a totally different person away from the shy and self concious person but at the same time I still see me...

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? I'm not a model I'm far from it but I do enjoy taking pictures an become someone else in front of the lens .I love dressing up an feel like I'm a Marilyn Monroe

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration?     I really love Missv Haven, she is the perfect pin up

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers?    Pinup Girl Clothing I love it

If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be?     Angela Morales and Roy Varga

Stay Sweet,

Daily Candy

Dress: Vintage
Denim Flower: Hive & Honey
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden

Stay Sweet,

Makeout Monday ~ Things I like this week


So, yes, I am dying to get the new iPhone 4gs.  And some sparkle to go along with it.  Plus I just got a new MacBook Air, so it needs some love too!

Stay Sweet,