Vintage Inspirations~ Let's bring back!

Let's Bring Back flowers as hair adornments.  Now, I know that you have seen multiple pictures of me with flowers in my hair, so I am doing my part to "bring it back".  You should do your part!

Flowers are rarely worn in ones hair, unless at a wedding, or if you are hanging out with some 'vintage ladies'.  Men typically don't forget meeting a woman who wears beautiful flowers in their hair!

The Victorians, who adorned themselves with flowers like crazy, came up with a smart way to wear real flowers in their hair and outfits.  They would simply fill a glass vile with water and tuck it into their pocket or hair to ensure a day long experience with glorious flowers.  Next time you receive a bouquet of flowers save some of the vials that come with it use next time you might want to don real flowers.

Another fun idea comes from the pacific islands.  If you wear your flower tucked behind your left ear, you are taken.  If it is behind your right ear, you are available.  Now, most traditions now don't believe this, and state that you can wear your flowers however you choose, but I think it is kind of a fun tradition, one that maybe should be revisited. 

Stay Sweet,


  1. :) I've always loved wearing flowers in my hair :)
    ..I'll try to help you bring it back! :)

  2. I love the 2nd photo! great fascinator :)

  3. I crochet flowers for my etsy shop and lately i have been wearing them more then selling them lol