My Missoni Madness Haul

So, if you have been following this phenomenom, you will know that it has been crazy.  Especially for the big, trendy cites!  Well in good ol' Kansas City, I scored big time!  Some of which I am using to host a giveaway.

I hope if you were hunting for something, you found it.  If not, well, hopefully Target will be reissuing some items, or you can always scour ebay.

Stay Sweet,


  1. I am crazy about those headbands cuz i love the color dark purple lol. Gonna have to dig on ebay for that!

  2. I scored my daughter a poncho and shoes today and have also posted them on my blog. I thought I was the only crazy one!

  3. Wow! a lot of great things! I love the pattern :)

  4. Oh maaaaan, I want everything :)
    xo moorea

  5. I. AM. JEAlOUS! I completely missed the Missoni items coming to Target! You got a lot of wonderful things! I hope you really enjoy them! The flats and the socks are my favorite!

    Happy Comment Love Day! :)

    -Steph from Chocolate Laced