Kem's Kandy for the Weekends

So, I am an autumn addict! I love fall (and halloween) so much.  In fact my fall/halloween decor far exceeds my christmas decorations.  In honor of this being the first weekend in September, I am breaking out the autumn at the Elliott Casa!  Here is one way to dress up a wreath for fall.
  Another neat idea for this weekend is to transform an old tshirt into a cute scarf.  The tutorial seems pretty easy, and I know I have a tshirt, or two, that I could transform. 

via a Pretty Penny
 Lastly, look at this pantry!  Well, not exactly a 'pantry', but I love the use of space.  My kitchen, unfortunately, doesn't have a pantry, but this idea would allow me to create one!  I love making extra space out of simply re-arrangement.  

I hope you have a lovely (long) Holiday Weekend!  Say your goodbyes to Summer and hello to Autumn!

Stay Sweet,


  1. A fellow blogger actually tried the idea of the DIY for the shirt and I have two. they're super pretty! can't wait to see what yours looks like!

  2. On the subject of kitchen storage, last summer I picked up two 5' bookcases at Big Lots for $25 each and put them in my kitchen, they only extend out about a foot from the wall so I lost almost no floor space, but gained an ENTIRE WALL of storage space. They make a very happy home for my spices, cookbooks, and small appliances, and my pretty plates and bowls that I don't use too often are on top where they can actually be seen, instead of crammed in the back of a cabinet where I had to fight to get them out twice a year ;)