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This week's feature is regarding the moon.  
Laurent Laveder.

 "Our celestial satellite used to play a vital spiritual and practical role in the lives of humans, and we lovingly named and tracked its phases.  Each monthly full moon had a different name.  Here is the list of full moon names often attributed to the northeastern Native Americans."

**September and October** The Harvest Moon also called the Corn Moon, since these are the months in which this all important grain is harvested..  Two years out of three, the Harvest Moon comes in September; in the third year, it appears in October.

**November** The Beaver Moon.  Winter is on the way; the beavers are now building dams and actively preparing for the cold.  This months full moon is also sometimes referred to as the Frosty Moon.

**December** The Long Nights Moon.  During midwinter nights, the moon hovers above the horizon for a liong time, casting light on the frozen landscape below.

**January** The Wolf Moon.  Named for the wolkf packs that holwed hungrily outside Indian villages amid deep midwinter snow.

**February** The Snow Moon.  Some tribes also referred to it as the Hunger Moon, since harsh weather confitions in their areas made hunting difficult.

**March** The Worm Moon.  March meant the thawing of the ground, the reappreaance of earthworms, the return of the robins.  This month's moon is sometimes called the Sap Moon, makring the time during which maple trees were tapped.

**April** The Fish Moon.  Becuase this was the time that shad swam upstream to spawn.  Also called the Sprouting Grass Moon.

**May** The Flower Moon.  Named for the abundance of blooms that make May so famous.

**June** The Strawberry Moon.  The season in which strawberries were harvested; in Europe, it was apparently called the Rose Moon.

**July** The Thunder Moon.  Named for the violent summer storms that rumble over the country during this month.

**August** The Red Moon.  During this month, the moon often appears reddish through the late summer, sultry nighttime haze.

c/o "Let's Bring Back"  Lesley M. M. Blume

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  1. How pretty! great post!

  2. Hi, I found your blog via FTLOB. What a great picture and quick moon lesson.

    I will definitely look for her tonight. :)

  3. Love it! Im actually shooting a Full Moon goddess inspired set this month!