Vintage Inspirations~ Let's bring back!

***As, I am typing this, I find myself sitting in a tank top and pajama pants.  (This is humorous because of what I am about to write.)***

Way back when, women used to wear Dressing Gowns.  Now, when I was looking into this, I thought, "What? a Dressing Gown?  Don't we just call that a robe?"  I am so apparently wrong.  
Indian Runner
Now, I know that when I have be perusing the racks of Donna's Dress Shop, she has a beautiful collection of dressing gown attire that dates back to the 20's.  Ahhh, the June Collection.  I always admire them, the lacy slips, gauzy nightgowns.  I think it is fun to think about what gorgeous tiny woman wore it and how her life must have been filled with caviar dreams and champagne wishes.  And perhaps, some chocolate bon bons.  

Christian Dior was quoted as saying "Our mothers used to take great care about dressing gowns and they were quite right.  Too many women (today) neglect it."  I think I agree with this dear, charming man.

As a woman, I should be dressed like a lady should.  I should take care in what I wear to bed and even around the house.  It should be comfortable and fit my lifestyle, but I don't think what I have on right now is doing anything for me, or my husband for that matter.
Peter Alexander
So, sleeping wardrobe, you are getting an overhaul.  Let's bring back the idea of "Dressing Gowns".  Whether it be a redo of the things you currently have or just a simple upgrade of your sad, sad robe.  Look for more on Saturday, with a Dressing Gown/ Nightgown Style-a-thon!


  1. I have one, not quite as silky and what not as this one above, but it is cute and girly and over cute boyshort panties and a camisole top I think its a cute and comfortable combo. I love them though. Especially because Branden goes to work at 4 something and I wake up throw it on walk around with him and then take it off and jump back in bed! Perfection!

  2. How pretty! I've always wanted a robe!