Three goal Thursday

*This is a new feature for the change of seasons*  Autumn couldn't get here any faster! Please feel free to build your own three goal thursday.  I am setting small weekly goals every thursday to help me achieve that larger picture.  Your goals can be personal, physical, emotional, or just easy tasks to finish.


1. Stick to new budget.  If you are looking for a great way to budget, especially with the help of an app, you should check out  It is free software that can help you get or keep your finances in check. Ever wondered how much you spend at Starbucks per month?  My $ amount spent on SBUX is ridiculous.  Like, really stupid ridiculous. 

2. Revive my yard.  After the heat wave of July and early August, my yard looks sad and dead.  This might take a little time, but I know we can bring it back to beauty!

3. Lose 2 lbs.  This will be ongoing I think.

Stay Sweet,


  1. Somehow I am not surprised you are pining away for autumn... I want some 100 degree days back!!! I'm sick, I know! ;)

  2. I love these goals! I'm sort of doing the same!