Style-a-thon Saturday

On this installment of Style-a-thon, jewelry is our language.  To me, this can be or might be the budget busting category, obviously.  I think, though, that you can find personal style through small ticket items and save your money to spend elsewhere.  Now, there is nothing wrong with rocking a large diamond, or maybe you have inherited a beautiful vintage brooch, or necklace, that you know is worth more than your monthly paycheck.  If you have, congratulations.  You have a budget busting piece that can be used side by side with pocketbook friendly items to create a style all your own.

My 'big' piece of jewelry are my engagement ring, wedding band, a pink sapphire ring, and diamond bracelet, all courtesy of Mr. Elliott.  I will never discourage him from buying me sparkly things.  I love presents that come in small velvet boxes, what girl doesn't?  However, I am growing towards a more eclectic style, one that incorporates elegance, beauty, whimsy and little budget shopping. 

I think one of the best ways to help develop a unique jewelry style is to really look at what you like.  Are you a girl that loves to wear necklaces?  Do you love to have ring on every finger?  Are earring your signature statement piece?  You might find yourself saying, I like to wear everything you just mentioned, and that is fine, if you are doing so appropriately.
Do you ever notice someone that is dressed really stylishly and see her wearing matching earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings, etc.  No you don't.  And there is a reason for that.  Once you delve into the matchy-matchy realm, you are not wearing your true style, you are wearing what a marketing person has told you would be appropriate.  

I personally love bracelets and rings.  I think it is fun to stack lots of bracelets, different metals, different textures, different materials all together.  The key is to not wear a million bracelet, 10 rings and huge earrings.  Unless your style is to look like a gypsy woman, then by all means, wear as much as you want.

Now, what that also means is learning to edit yourself.  Start paying attention to people that dress or accessorize how you want to.  There is a way to start branching out and I promise you will learn and get more daring in your choices.

I encourage you to start a photo collection of people whose jewelry style you like.  Maybe you love a statement necklace.  You can wear statement necklaces with formal dresses you can also use them to punch up jeans and a tshirt.  Some great places to start accumulating inexpensive pieces, especially if you are not so sure about yourself, is Target, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, even Kohl's.  These stores offer great items for a very small price compared to other jewelry stores.  

I hope this encourages you to ramp up your jewelry quotient.  I know it will for me!

Stay Sweet,


  1. How pretty! I love unique pieces!

  2. I think the Compass Necklace you gave me is my
    "statement piece"! I LOVE that necklace!!! (and LOVE it with your tatoo underneath it)!!