Pioneer Sunday

 Today Mr. Elliott and I embarked upon a "once a month" cooking day.  I must say, we have never tried this, and maybe you have know idea what I am talking about, so here is the gist.  You print out, what seems like, a mile long grocery list, along with the accompanying recipes.  It seems kind of scary because you are basically shopping for food for one month, so I was really weary what our grocery bill would be.  We made it out of the store, with wallets unscathed, by using coupons and our own bags.  Did you know that most stores give you at 5 cent credit for each bag you use? 

The website that I used to score this sweet Once a Month Cooking Recipe Book from was Once A Month Mom.  Now, I am not a mom, but still, I think any family could use this.  Also, I used the vegetarian menu, and there are many others to choose from if your family is not vegetarian.  In fact some of the recipes I adapted for Mr. Elliott, since he still eats meat. 

I decided to name the day Pioneer Sunday, because this MUST be how the pioneer women felt after cooking for hours!  I am soooo very tired! But, I know that we have a lot of food to choose from for the next month, that all we have to do is heat it up and we are done!

*the onions were so potent, we had to wear my goggles from my motor cycle helmet to chop them*

Our Menu:
Fire Roasted Vegetable Pasta
Mini Quiche
Blueberry French Toast
Buffalo Chicken Strips
Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa
Breakfast Berry Quinoa
Black Bean and Corn Quesdillas
Eggplant and Mushroom Parmesan
Cheesy Broccoli and Chickpeas

I'll let you know how it turns out!

Stay Sweet,

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  1. cool photos! the food looks delicious!