Makeout Mondays~ Things I love this week!  I have a Kindle, and I love it, however it is a bummer to not be able to exchange books with friends.  But this is where that all changes! This site allows you to "fling" your ebooks from Kindle and Nook with others for 14 days! I am in BOOK HEAVEN!

M-Edge Designs has GREAT Kindle covers.  Mine is solid Mossy Green Leather.  I love it! Make sure to check out all the cute covers that they have!

I can't wait to start breaking out the sweaters, jeans, big boots and lot of layers!  I am going to be playing around with layering patterns and textures, along with colors, this year.  (Think mustard, oranges, greens, and leopard patterns!)

Stay Sweet,


  1. Some nice things! I love the painting of the women!

  2. do I make other women jealous of you?

  3. Flinging ebooks? Why do monkeys come to mind?
    I absolutely LOVE the photo in the post below of the woman holding the frame around the moon. LOVE it!

  4. Hi there, found you through FTLOB - lovely space you have here! I've been looking for a Kindle cover and most that i've seen are totally uninspired. Love the one you suggested. Now... will they ship to Australia?? :)