Makeout Mondays~ Things I love this week!

Today marks the beginning of the worst week in my life, every year.  Actually yesterday was the kick off to it, but seeing as though I feel Sunday is not the beginning of my week, we are calling it today. 

I am talking about Shark Week.  For as long as I can remember I have been terrified of sharks.  Not just kind of scared.  Not just like, gee, I hope I never get attacked by a shark.  I am talking cannot look at a picture of a shark, cannot watch a cartoon shark, most certainly will never go to an aquariam, cannot eat at Joe's Crab Shack, hater of all things shark.  In fact, Mr. Elliott, usually has to put a parental block on Discovery channel just so I don't accidentally turn to shark week extravaganza. 

I have never watched Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, Open Water, or any other movie partaining to sharks.  Nor will I ever.  I no that the only way to get over this fear eventually leads to me having to be around one, and I just do not have that kind of strength.

So, now that you all know how completely crazy I am.  I thought it might be fun to talk about what I do love about the ocean, in a special Makeout Monday ~ Things that make the ocean a place that I love.  I hate you sharks!

Stay Sweet,


  1. I'm scared of sharks as well. I came so close to one that never again but I also love Mermaids!

  2. I love the navy homecoming one a lot!! Lovin the beach/water theme :)

  3. That mermaid picture is cute! :)

  4. I still pretend I'm a mermaid when I go swimming too.