Kem's Kandy for the Weekends

*Here are some ideas for the weekend! You can bet I am breaking out the autumnal decorations, cause I am going to wish Fall into Missouri!*

 I am going to be wearing pink this weekend!  Have fun and explore a new color and wear it all weekend.  See if anybody notices!


Paint some outdated planters with your house number, for your front porch!  I plan on using black for my base and a buttery yellow for the accent numbers.

Lastly, hit up your favorite nursery or home goods store for a beautiful pot (or 2 or 4) of mums.  I am going to splurge on the crimson red and bright yellow for my porch.  Two of my favorite autumnal tones!

Stay Sweet,


  1. Pink is a nice color to wear and fall is great! I love the numbered pots!

  2. hmmm a black pot with yellow lettering...that's a color scheme that sure sounds familiar! ;)

  3. Oh oucho, you must have caught me! :)