Are you a Birch Box Girl yet?

Above photos are from my June Birch Box
This is the newest, best thing since sliced bread!  If you love makeup, and you love getting cute stuff in the mail, then this is for you!

Basically, you spend $10 a month and BirchBox sends you a bunch of samples.  There is always one full sized product included, plus the samples are a big sample size, not just a packet.  You will take a small quiz at the signing up process and tell about your skin type, your likes, ect.

I have loved everything they have sent me to try, plus if you love it, you can purchase the product directly from their website!

If you would like a special invitation (it helps me acquire points, please) I would love to send one to you.  Leave your email address in the comments, and I will send one right to you!

Stay Sweet,


  1. Me too!!! Thats awesome!!! MattyAJ[at]bgsu[dot]edu

  2. @Steph and @Alex I sent an invite!

  3. I'd love an invitation! And I'd love to get you some points! :)

  4. I'm in !

    that would be amazing, love. This is an older post, but do you still reccomend birch?

    1. It is, but you can go online to and request to sign up. There may be a small waiting period, because it has become so popular, but it is worth the wait!

      And yes, I do still recommend it!