Vintage Inspirations~ Let's bring back!

I love fresh flowers and wished I had more growing around my house, that I could cut and arrange to enjoy.  There is a reason why people have built an industry in the flower business.  Getting flowers is usually an instant attitude lift.

With this in mind, I remember, when I was younger, learning about how certain flowers meant different things.  A way of speaking without using words.  Apparently, during Victorian times, ladies who wore a flower close to her heart meant true love, a flower worn at the waist indicated interest, whilst a flower placed in her hair appointed to rejection.  (That is sad because I wear a flower in my hair, almost, daily)

Here is a list of flowers with their Victorian meanings.  

Amaryllis ~ pride, haughtiness
Carnation ~ disdain
Crocus ~ youth
Hyacinth ~ constancy
Jasmine ~ amiability
Lavender ~ distrust
Lilac ~ first love
Lily of the Valley ~ modesty
Peony ~ anger
Rose, red ~ beauty & love
Rose, white ~ not looking for love
Rose, yellow ~ jealousy
Tulip ~ declaration of love
Violet ~ modest worth

Wouldn't it be fun to send someone flowers and their meaning be instantly translated without that ridiculous card.

Stay Sweet,

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