Vintage Inspirations~ Let's bring back!

Etsy Locket
My vintage inspiration today comes from the Victorian Era.  Lockets.  Now, these have come and gone in fashion trends over the years, but I want these to really make a come back.

I struggle with wearing short necklaces, because, well I have a built in necklace called a chest piece tattoo :)  I would love to have a long, long chain that held a photo of my beloved.  Just the idea of keeping a loved one close to your heart throughout the day is terribly romantic.  

According to history, women also kept snippets of their beloved's hair or photos.  Along with these items lockets could be used for medicines or even vials of poison.  Now, I am not so sure I would want to carry medicine or poison around with me in this time period, but I would love to keep a small treasure near my during the day.  

Since out society has become so "mobile", we now keep photos of our family on our cell phones, but what a sweet reminder to simply add a photo to your daily dressing routine, by simply adding it to your jewelry.  Not only do you carry a small reminder with you, you also get to accessorize!

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  2. That Etsy locket is super adorable!