Vintage Inspirations~ Let's bring back!

Working in the field that I do, especially during the summertime, I see the gamete of girls "summertime attire". I would really like to bring back modesty. Girls: If you shorts are wider than they are long, you shouldn't be wearing them. If you shirt is so low cut that I can see your bra, you shouldn't be wearing it. I am really quite shocked at the amount of skin that is showing on girls and women.

I know that throughout society, there has been a sliding scale of what is considered risque, but I am really just not sure of wear these teenage girls are getting some of their clothing attire. I would love to bring back the days of women wearing dresses and hat and driving gloves. I would not like to bring back the oppression these women experienced during that time, but, boy, they sure knew how to dress.
Or, how about the stylings of the 1970's. Empire waist, rich color, over the top fabrics.
Or, a more welcome approach to the mod 60's. Big patterns, clean lines, and bold prints.

With these types of vintage inspiration women would be able to capture true style. There is nothing wrong with succumbing to a trend. (Thank you feather extensions) but you should be able to find a way to dress that is both modern, stylish, and covers the important parts.

Stay Sweet,


  1. I have to agree with what's said in the photo of Monroe. The women back in the days before surgery were and still are so beautiful! I think natural beauty is WAY better than fake :)

    thanks for sharing this!

  2. Love this inspiring post. And you are so right!!! Teenagers scare me a little nowadays....

  3. I completely agree. My good friend and I keep saying how we'd love to wear dresses and beautiful hats and gloves and cook dinner for our men every night. I would love to wear a dress without everyone asking me why I'm overdressed every few minutes! Maybe we can change the world using your blog posts!

  4. I only wished blog posts changed the world!