Sweet, Sweet Sunday

Today I am going to finish some projects that Mr. Elliott and I have been putting off. (Pictures will follow) Like, finishing a large frame for the HUGE mirror in my office.  Painting an old trunk that will also take up living in my office.  It has just been so hot here, that the thought of being outside, in the garage, makes me 'bake like a toasted cheeser.'

Anyway, I thought I would leave you will a list of some of my favorite blogs to visit.  Some of them you might have read, some of them might be new to you, but they all deserve to be checked out!
  1. A Beautiful Mess. ~ Elsie is an old friend of mine.  Too freakin cute!
  2. Food Coma. ~ Emma is also an old friend of mine, and Elsie's sister.  Additionally, too cute!
  3. Atlantic-Pacific.  Easy inspiration
  4. Such Pretty Things.  Girly-ness to the extreme! Love it!
Have a sweet Sunday and stay cool.

Stay Sweet, 


  1. Good luck with your tasks! I'm off to check out those sites!

  2. Thanks for sharing these! Elsie's blog is pretty amazing, and I can't wait to see the end results of your projects for today :)

  3. It is very hot here too, Stay cool and have a great Sunday! I grabbed a button while I was here!