Sweet, Sweet Sunday

Today is a day to celebrate doing.  Yes, I finished two projects that I am super pumped about.  The first involves an old window, the second involves me helping my porch.

Window.  I bought an old window about a month ago for $10.  Mr. Elliott clean off the glass and lightly sanded that glass to create some texture.  We taped off the window frame and used Chalk Board spray paint on the glass.  Ta Da.  Add a bathroom towel rack and you have got yourself and wonderful place to write notes and grocery lists in your kitchen!

Wreath.  I purchased this large grapevine wreath at a garage sale for about $1.  Score, right?  I use it to spruce up our front porch and change it out every season.  My heart is longing for Autumn, and most of my house the use of rich autumnal tones are used.  So I broke down and installed some jewel toned flowers, along with sunflowers to keep to the 'summer' vibe.  These colors will carry me through August and well into October.

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Stay Sweet,


  1. I love the window DIY! it's pretty amazing, and the wreath is adorable :)

  2. I love that window! I have a few old windows and I was trying to figure out what to do with them-thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love your pink hair! And the DIY, haha. Great blog, I'm a new follower!


  4. Beautiful decorating idea. I love getting the crafty projects on my list done.

  5. Stopping by from FTLOB!
    I love your window re-do! Cute idea!
    **Autumn is my favorite season! LOVE the wreath!
    I stalked around your blog a bit, and love it!
    Count me as your newest follower!

  6. you know i love a great old window redo! well done Kem!!

  7. I love that idea with the window! I definitely gotta try that in my own house (whenever I get one that is!)