Style-a-thon Saturday

In our last edition of Style-a-thon we talked about shoes. (One of my true loves in life)  Of course, the next greatest thing is a stylish handbag.  So, that is where we begin now, Handbags!

I honestly live with the philosophy that one can never have too many shoes, or to many handbags.  In fact, Mr. Elliott was nice enough to let me dedicate an entire, unused and spare, closet to hold my handbag treasures!  

I think that as I get older, my taste is going to continue to change, and while I love lots of trendy items, I know that nothing will ever beat a structural and classic handbag.  I like to save my love o' the trends for less expensive items like jewelry (more on that later.)

Every woman should have these staples in her handbag arsenal:

A roomy weekender bag.  I know this seems like an odd place to start, but seriously, don't  you want to keep a classy amount of detail when  spontaneity calls?  Besides weekender bags are a great "lady" way to carry your gym clothes, a way to travel and look effortless, or a way to help keep your needful things together if you like to live out of your car, like sometimes so many of us do (not literally)
A classic satchel.  Now, this could possibly tow the line between need and want.  Satchel are a great handbag that can act utilitarian, but still look sleek.  I think satchels are perfect for fall/winter because they can hold a lot, usually come with a long strap which makes it easy to wear when layering clothes.  Plus, who doesn't want to feel like they are purchasing a new "backpack" when fall ushers in the beginning of the school year?  That is one of my favorite memories growing up.

The Leather Standby.  This is a need.  You must have a favorite, right?  A bag that you have been coveting since you can only remember.  For me, it a Birkin.  I will probably never own one, but I can keep dreaming.  Besides, Mr. Elliott would have an aneurysm if he found out how much I spent on one.  Whatever that bag is that you love, try to get one in black and in brown.  And it doesn't have to be leather, but it needs to look luxurious and sturdy.

Courtesy of She Knows

A clutch to end all clutches. Here is the fun part.  You should have a cute clutch or two in your mix.  These are great for going out, date night, a formal affair, or just when you don't want to haul around a big bag.  This is an area that you can be more trendy.  Most clutches are pretty inexpensive and you should have a couple that can work double duty.  Now, I don't want you thinking of those horribly david's bridal matchy matchy rhinestone numbers.  Gross.  You should never buy those.    Check these out: Here are the details on each of the bags:
1) Inge Christopher Handbags So Luxurious, Czech Brooch on Ultrasuede Framed Clutch

Hopefully this will inspire you to re-create your handbag collection.  

Stay Sweet,


  1. The Leather Standby is so pretty!

  2. It should be for starting out at $5000

  3. So... I'm a little behind on the blog - I'm cathing up though! Love the Leather Standby - mine came from Franklin Covey several years ago- and its still kickin, and looks brand new (after I wipe the dust off)!!