Style-a-thon Saturday

Welcome to Shoes Part II. In the first style-a-thon we covered Lingerie, then Shoes Part I. Today we are going to round out the seasons with your must have shoes of the fall and winter. This is just the end to the list of shoes that everyone should own, to make sure their closet is in full "working" order. You can add to, and build from here, but this is just the basics.

Autumn, being my very favorite of all seasons, is where we begin. What I love about this time is the decent into cooler weather and the rich tones conveyed in fashion and nature. With cooler temperatures becoming daily, a lady must bring in some boots and the coveted sneaker.

Sneakers. I once read that Victoria Beckham never wear sneakers unless working out, and I would even bargain to say she actually wears heels then too :) I rarely wear tennis shoes unless it is walking or running. I do however recommend some stylish, yet hip shoes. Some of my favorites are chuck taylors, in basic black, or a streamlined puma. These are able to look fun, and be functional, while still showing style!

Brown Boots. Whether this means a broken in pair of cowboy boots, or the most luxurious pair a camel colored leather boots, you must have this in your wardrobe. Brown boots can be pair with jeans, skirts, or helping pull that floral summery dress into fall with the help of tights and a denim jacket. One of my favorite boot companies is Frye. Too. Die. For. Boots.

Black Dress Boots. Everyone has them. Make sure yours a leather or, if you are vegan, synthetic high quality, the heel is free of nicks and scuffs, and they don't look as though they have been worn into the ground. Right now is the perfect time to peruse the shoe departments looking for clearance. No one is looking to buy winter boots when it is 100 degrees outside.

Rain Boots/Snow Boots. Lastly, depending upon where you live, one must always be prepared for weather. That could mean lots o' rain, or lots o' snow. In Missouri, it really means both. I have a great lime green pair of wellies (rainboots) that I splurged on last year, and a nice pair of snow boots. Both provide adequate means equating to each situation, plus they look cute and are still functional. Hunter is pretty much the go to wellies expert, however you can find super cute rainboots, for a fraction of the cost at Target. Sorel seems to be the expert opinion on snow boots, plus they are pretty fashion forward.

Hopefully this style-a-thon will help you to continue to explore your closet and build your wardrobe.

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  2. I love converse, and those green rain-boots are adorable!

    You have great taste!