Style-a-thon Saturday

Last week we talked about lingerie, today we are moving onto Shoes!  If you know me, then you know I am a fiend for shoes.  Shoes are that one special something that you always fit into.  If you lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, shoes are the one saving grace that can always restyle what you already have. 

One of my favorite shoe stores, right now, is actually Shoe Dazzle.  I know it seems crazy, but I have got some killer shoes from there.  Another great place to peruse is DSW.  If you have one in your city or town, then you know how lucky you are.  DSW has a great clearance section that always has killer deals. 

Okay, onto what I like to call the foundation of a good shoe closet.  There are several must have when you are styling your shoes.  Of course, there are exceptions and then personal preference to consider, but the options listed below will just help you to never find yourself in a 'shoe situation'.  Since we are currently in the Summer Season, let's start there.

Flip Flops.  I am not neccessarily talking about your $2 Old Navy Flip Flops.  There is nothing wrong with owning a couple pair of those to take with you to the pool or beach, however, a lady should have a pair or two of nice flip flops that will look amazing with capri pants or shorts and equally translate to a cute summer dress.

Sandals. This is where the cross over from casual to dressy happens.  I am not saying you can't wear sandals in a casual way, because you can, I am saying you should never wear flip flops to a dressy event.  Get yourself something fun and trendy in this category.  Or something by Micheal Kors, because that man can do no wrong.

Ballet Flats.  This is something that I am currently building upon.  I am a lady that likes a lot a height in my shoes, but sometimes your outfit would be greater if the shoes weren't so high.  There is a cute little company, Blowfish, that is putting out some amazing shoes, and their flats are some of my favs!  

 Wedges.  These are a spring into fall staple.  A wedge is the easiest way to introduce height into your shoe collection.  If you think you are not a "heel" girl, you a dead wrong.  Start with an espadrille or a cute little wedge sandal.  It will distribute your weight evenly across your foot and make walking a breeze.  One of my favorite places to score super cute wedges for cheap, Target!

Heels.  Okay this is where this gets tricky.  Heels can be broken down into sub categories.  a) Office/Work Heels.  b) Out on the Town Heels.  Let's start with Office/Work Heels.  No one needs to be wearing platform heels to work, unless you work at Vogue, and then anything goes, as long as it is current season.  Work Heels should be well constructed, durable, and look flawless.  If you have a great pair of black, brown, and grey work appropriate heels, you my friend are set.  This is also a place to introduce a "neutral" color into your shoe collection.  Nude heels are gorgeous and very hot right now, also think about a pop of a deep merlot, or a classic eggplant colored heel for fall. Basically, if you have seen Kate Middleton wear it, it is probably a no brainer for work appropriate heels.
 Out on the Town Heels.  This is wear my heart jumps for shear joy!  Platforms, T-straps, Metallic, Sparkles, you name it, you can wear it.  This is the place to let your personality shine through!

Stay tuned for part two of Style-a-thon Shoes!

Stay Sweet,

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  1. All the shoes look cute! especially the wedges!