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If you have been following along, style is something that I reach for, and has become a common theme in my postings.  (See here, and here )

I thought it might be fun to delve into some aspects of accessorizing, since there is some many ways to stylize through your accessories.  We are going to start with Lingerie.  This is a simple building block of any wardrobe.  It can range from staple items to scandalous.  From matter of fact, to matter of opinion.   One of the very first things I learned about dressing is that you must have a good bra (support) always clean panties.  (Mom's are funny that way, right?)

So, I thought I would share with you some on my favorite places to stock up on the good goods.  I happen to be endowed with a big chest (one fact that I hate) so some department stores don't carry inexpensive under items that I can wear.  I should qualify this by saying I can wear them, but they are usually not well constructed. Not all of the time, but some of the time.  Besides if what you are wearing as structure underneath your clothes doesn't fit, do you think your clothes are going to look right?

With that in mind, you first stop should be to get measured.  Did you know most women are not wearing the correct bra size?  Head to your nearest Victoria's Secret, Nordstorm's, Macy's or favorite Department Store and ask to be fitted.  If you truly want a great fitting experience go to an actual lingerie boutique.  A department store will do a good job, but a boutique will give you a experience!  It is amazing how great  you will look and feel when you are wearing what actually fits you.  While you are there, one of my fav things to do, is look to see if there is any vintage styled lingerie.  It is becoming easier to find items that provoke visions of yesteryear. 

You don't have to be looking for rocket bras or high waisted girdles for a vintage flair.  Find something in a great fabric and pattern for everyday wear and then get to know what it really fun to wear for special occasions. 

Some of my favorite online stores for vintage:

What Katie Did ~ specializes in all types of beautiful lingerie and accessories!

Secrets in Lace ~ Beautiful Stockings, Bras, and Accessories. Also featuring a Dita Von Teese Collection.

Naomi Lingerie ~ So cute and free spirited!

Another thing to think about when shopping for lingerie is you must have some staple items. 
  1. Seamless panties.  Whether you wear boy cut, briefs, thongs, or low rise make sure they are seamless.  No one needs to see your panty line through your clothing.  
  2. Bras.  No shame in owning bras with patterns and fun straps, but you need to make sure you have a basic nude bra and a basic black bra and a convertible bra.  No one needs to see you bra or bra straps These are just staples, end of story.
  3. Hosiery.  A great way to transition summer clothing to fall/winter is black opaque tights.  Also invest in some cute trouser socks and a great pair of fishnet hose.  Nothing is more fashion forward then adding a layer of interest with fishnets, or showing a small pop of color at your ankle when sitting.
  4. Shapewear.  Spanks.  Google it, and learn to love it.  This always makes me think of Steel Magnolias when Dolly Parton says "I haven't left the house without lycra on these thighs since I was seventeen."  Cracks me up every time!
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  1. What Katie Did has a lot of pretty things! I agree with you, after I got fitted, my under garments fit me much better!

    Those undies are super pretty!