Office Outing ~ Capital Grille

 Sometimes you just have to celebrate being awesome.  Especially when you are a Premier Provider for Invisalign.  Especially when Invisalign is footing the bill.  Some of the lovelies that I work with and our Invisalign Representative, Chris, went out for a gorgeous dinner on the KC Plaza at Capital Grille.

 I believe this restaurant would be a meat lovers paradise, and it did cater to my vegetarian palate, so hip hip hooray!

Ms. Becky M looking super cute!

Mary is so excited, I mean look at that face!

Ms. Amy R, she is all class, all the time.

This is what a pair of otters would look like. 

Flourless chocolate cake.

Cheese cake

Blood Orange Sorbet

Handcrafted Ice cream with miniature cookies
What a delicious way to end the work week!  Thanks Invisalign.

Stay Sweet,


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  2. Mmm. That food looks DELICIOUS! Seriously, that looks amazing. Love the dessert too! And, you guys are all so gorgeous! Wish I had friends like you :p

  3. You look so pretty and the food looks YUM!

    I love the flower corsage!