Makeout Mondays~ Things I love this week!

It is so unbelievably hot/humid here.  I can and will eat ice cream at every meal just to cool down
Target has some exceptionally cool bracelets available right now.  The ones that I like are Hermes knockout offs, but until I can afford Hermes, Target will suffice.
I can't believe the production of movies is ending this weekend.  Still love you, Potter.
On the want list.  Boy, that list is growing.
Stay Sweet,


  1. The hp ending is leaving me heartbroken this week! I just saw the last movie, and I cried, not just because of the plot but due to the ending of what kept me happy in my childhood. I'm so sad! And I'm with you on the ice cream! I'm snacking on the buy one get one breyers flavors such as oreo blast and reeses!

  2. Those milkshakes. Always causing trouble. Lmao.

  3. @Alex Jae I know! I love love love Harry Potter and cannot believe the movies are coming to an end. However, we do still have the books to read and re-read until the end of time!

    @Joyful Sparrow I think milkshakes always get me in trouble, one way or another :)

  4. That scooter is PRETTY cool, and the bracelets at target are really nice!

  5. Kem, i totally almost bought one of those amazing bracelets at Target last night! i might have to sneak back over and pick it up!! and the Vespa? i die!!!!!

  6. I might have to sneak over and get a bracelet too! ahhh!!! :)