Vintage Inspirations~ Let's bring back!

Let's bring back silliness and the ability to be uncanny.  For some reason, I have grown to think that being funny, truly funny, has been thrown to the wayside.  I never think one should use humor to make someone feel badly about themselves or use it in a vulgar way.

I love hearing people laugh, and I am fortunate to be  married to one of the silliest people that I know.  Mr. Elliott usually says the wrong things at the wrong time, doesn't really mind being utterly ridiculous, and generally has no idea that he is, in fact, being funny.  To me, that is a gift, not a talent.

For me, humor bridges a lot of gaps.  I laugh when I am nervous, I laugh when I am not supposed to, and I laugh when things tickle me to death.  This is just part of me, just like I twist my hair when I am bored or unsure.  (Kids, I just told you my "tells".  You know, the body language people exude that tell you what they're thinking?  Now you can beat me at poker.)

I don't think there is anything wrong with adults being fun and wanting to make people laugh, and I wish this social aspect wasn't at marginalized as it has become.  So celebrate the silliness of your spouse, your children, even your friends!  Besides, I love being "the life of the party", and your party wouldn't be the same with out me! (Tongue firmly planted in cheek)
Mr. Elliott just wanted to see how many chins he could make.

This is my "saddest cat in the world face"

Stay Sweet,


  1. I can make a lot of chins

  2. You two are so adorable!

    and I love the quote.

  3. Mr. Elliot is a master of the triple chin!