Vintage Inspirations~ Let's bring back!

I am the proud owner of pale, pale skin.  I didn't used to be so proud.  In fact the barrage of tan skin that surrounds me on a daily basis, sometimes gets me a little down in the dumps.

Due to my German/English decent I have been blessed with beautiful creamy skin, that doesn't tan, only turns red and blisters in the sun.  If I worked hard, all summer long, I might have a shade or two darker come August, possibly even September.  I, however, have been an SPF worshipper since I was young.  I always have it on, even when I am not in the sun.  I have used a tanning bed approximately three times in my life (once for prom, twice for weddings)

After I began collecting tattoos, I avoid sun without SPF like the plague.  I am just not so sure when 'skin color' or the amount of tan in ones' skin became all the rage? Especially after knowing that skin damage leads directly to causing cancer, as well as showing age early. 

With that thought, I say we bring back to naturalness of ones' skin tone.  If you are a beautiful bronze goddess, flaunt it!  If you have skin the color of chocolate, show it!  If your skin is as creamy as a glass of milk, work it!  Let's make fashion understand that all colors of skin on the spectrum can be dressed and look fabulous.  Stop making us think that tan is the best accessory to the summer.  You know what a better accessory is?  Not going to chemotherapy for cancer.  That is a better accessory!

Vintage Inspiration is to love your skin tone and don't try to be or fit into something that isn't you naturally.

Stay Sweet,


  1. I have to agree with that statement!

    and I love vintage :)

  2. I'm getting better acquainted with the creamier side of me too these past few summers. Somehow, baking in the sun just no longer appeals to me. And who wants to look like leather when they're old anyway?

  3. i am the exact same skin type.... pale and easily burnt. i used to be a tan-a-holic when i was in my late teens and thankfully woke up and realized my skin is amazing and i don't want to have the face of a leather handbag when i am 40. props to the pale sisters out there who love their SPF60, and who will age with grace for it!!! ( and have better looking tattoos too) :)

  4. As a fellow pale pale skin girl I spent many years trying to change it, but eventually gave up. I am no longer bothered by people telling me how much I look like a porcelain doll at least I am not orange I guess.

  5. Say it, sister! I am of Irish/German heritage...