Vintage Inspirations~ Let's bring back!

In honor of this day in June, I want to bring back an affinity for the American Flag.  Now, I don't think the American Flag has so much, 'went out of style', as it has become not as adored as it once was.
I remember growing up, my Grandpa D. would always have the flag up on his flag pole, and even had a light that was on a timer, just to make sure it wasn't flying in the dark.  He is very patriotic and served in the Military as a Paratrooper.  I am sure most of my generation had/have grandfathers or grandmother that served in the military.  Maybe your parents, or your spouse, is currently serving.  That is an amazing trace to our country and to it's past.  

Along with my grandfathers flag flying tradition, he always managed to place flags on the gravestones of all military personnel at our family's cemetery for every national military holiday, and I remember when I was little he taught me and some of my cousin how to fold a flag, and how to respect it.  These are just tiny memories that I have, but they impacted me greatly.

I don't consider myself to be a very "patriotic" person.  In fact, I think most people my age have really disassociated themselves with what it means to be patriotic.  I don't think you need to carry a lust around for America, but I do think you need to love this country simply based upon the fact that your family and kinsmen fought very hard for what we have today. 

My only connection to this fight is through my grandfathers.  I have not been raised in a military family and I think most of my ideas of patriotism is based upon ideas that I have formulated within the past 28 years.  So, let's bring back the flying of the flag.  Let it gain meaning of hope for your home.  Hope for the future, hope to learn from the past, and hope for the present, that we are thankful in the moment!

Stay Sweet,

PS I think I am going to go buy a flag! :)


  1. I love this post!! I generally think I'm pretty patriotic for a 20 year old, but I am madly in love with a Marine. But i love that in this marine filled town everyone is glowing with American pride, there are flags everywhere, and people from all over the country here, you can see license plates from anywhere here! And i love it!!You should visit, there's a lot of history around bases!

  2. I wish we were more patriotic in the uk, here it's seen as being really sad but I love it! If I could get away with a big Union Jack outside our flat I would!

  3. Buy it! i wish i lived in a house so i could do it :)

  4. I love, love, love the Union Jack Flag! I think I like it too because it shares the same colors as the US Flag, and well, its 'our' motherland :) I am desperate to visit any historical town, and want to roam the country soaking up bits of our history! That is my kind of vacation!