Sweet, Sweet Sunday

We spent today redecorating.  And by we, I mostly mean Mr. Elliott.  In reality, I took a nap and he rocked it out.  That is pathetic, I know, but I was soooo tired.

We did get an amazing deal at Hobby Lobby today on a baker's rack.  I have been wanting one to use in displaying a small portion of the teapots that I collect.  Most of them are vintage.  I love them and was basically given a magic wand, cause I found one for around $50 today.  

 Also, a few weeks ago, I had my dad bring me this beautiful mirror that he salvaged from a remodel in about, oh, 1983 or so.  I have always seemed to have it in my room and just recently remembered that is was stored at my grandfathers house.  The mirror has a 1968 date on the back side of it, and it is huge and heavy.  So heavy, Mr. Elliott had to make brackets to mount it on the wall.  It is not quite finished, in that I am going to frame it in white trim.  But here is the start of it. 

In addition to all that fun, Mr. Elliott also customized a piece for me.  I have been trying, so hard, to find mission style pine furniture to match what we have in our master bedroom.  Without fail, I have not found anything that I liked, or that was in my price range.  Enter: customization.

The piece started as a coffee table, and we just elevated it.  Presto Chang-o, it becomes an elegant high table.

Mr. Elliott has named it giraffe, but I think it turned out awesome, and it only cost $16. That is way cheaper than buying a new piece of furniture.

The rest of the day will be spent with friends at our weekly BBQ.  It is fajita day, so I can't wait to make some Skinny Girl Margaritas and enjoy the company of good friends.

Stay Sweet,


  1. Your house is beautiful!! I love it!!

  2. I love that baking rack! I really want wait until we can get our own place so that I can actually decorate haha!

    Oh Jazmyn

  3. I love how mirrors open up a smaller room like a bedroom where you don't put a lot on the walls. Unfortunately we have a whole wall of mirrors in our living room clogging up precious wall space! Also, changing the coffee table was genius!

  4. Feel free to steal the coffee table idea! It was so easy and cheap!

  5. Love the table! I'm moving soon and I just might borrow that idea :-)

  6. The bakers rack is adorable! and I love how you did the coffee table :)

  7. Such beautiful things in your home!