Sweet, Sweet Sunday

This weekend, we ventured to Springfield to spend time with my Dad, Mom and siblings.  Every time I travel to Springfield, it seems to change more and more.  I guess this is the part where you say, "Kem, you are getting old."

Anyway, we got to spend time with my family and celebrate Father's Day!  I hope that your father is/was a kind man and that you got to celebrate with him.  

My half sister Summer and I.  She doesn't like to show her teeth when she smiles

Summer.  She is pretty hilarious. She is nine going on 29.

 Karlie (sister), Dad, Summer (half sister, we felt bad leaving her out of the picture), Me, Kerstie (sister), Zach (brother)

My brother Zach, brother-in-law Mathew, and sister Karlie

My sister Karlie.  Can't you tell she is a hair stylist?

My sister Kerstie and boyfriend Zach.   They are soooo cute!

Stay Sweet,


  1. Looks like it was a good Father's Day? Who does your tats?

  2. Scott Shickman at The Mercy Seat in Kansas City

  3. How adorable is this!? I enjoyed all the photos. you have a pretty family, and I'm in love with your tattoo's!