Sweet, Sweet Sunday

Yesterday couldn't have been a more perfect day!  I am referring to it as Vintage Lady Day.  I coined this term a few weeks ago on an outing with my friend Megan.  Vintage Ladies are classy, wear dresses, and wear/or want to wear, dainty beautiful gloves.  Now, we didn't wear gloves yesterday, but we did partake in some 'lady like' things.

We did go get our nails did.  I opted for a Barbie Pink, while to other two Ladies went sparkly and French.  After that we visited Lady Diana's Wedding Dress. Yes, I didn't stutter, and no, you didn't have a stroke.  We visited LADY DIANA'S WEDDING DRESS!  A tribute to Diana has been in Kansas City, since March, and I just went to see it yesterday! It was amazing.  Megan, Sarah, and I got to see lots of amazing jewels, wedding favors, and many of the dresses and suits that Lady Diana wore throughout her life.  It made my day!

After meandering around the exhibit for an hour, we decided it was time for lunch.  Time for Lulu's Noodle shop!

Sarah sipped a Cucumber Cooley (filled with Gin) and Megan opted for Blueberry Lemonade (filled with vodka)

After that we did some light shopping. You know trying on silly dresses, shoes, accessories.

And then we got ready for the evening at Pinups for Pitbulls!  What a blast!  A night filled with aerialist, burlesque performers, bands, a lots o' people watching!

So, basically I had a amazing day.  I did have heels on for 14 hours though, so I am wearing flip flops today and rocking in out in a t-shirt and shorts :)

Stay Sweet,


  1. You're so pretty! I love your style!

  2. That was seriously one awesome day!! Opportunity of a lifetime...loved Princess Di. And the aerial show looked awesome...good times;)!

  3. Oh, I went to see this exhibit myself. Well, worth the price of admission.