For Real Fridays

So far we have tackled medicine cabinet seasonal supplies, Car Kits, and Emergency Home Kits.  Today we are leaping into how to make a lower impact in your life and to the earth.

I am in no way a leading expert in this area, nor am I trying to heave my ideals onto another group.  I have recently told you of a part of my lifestyle choices, and I don't think that there is any harm in encouraging others to make a good impact on our earth.  Excuse the hippie-dippieness of this, but I do think we should cherish the environment in which we are blessed to have.  

There are some very easy ways to introduce low/no impact living into your life.
  1. Start recycling at home!  Kansas City offers a recycle bin to add to the curb with your weekly trash.  I know most cities offer something like it.  Check out what your local city offers.  If not a recycle bin, find where donations of paper and glass can be recycled.  This saves on a lot of waste!
  2. Start shopping with reusable bags.  Most marts and shops have these for sale, and some even offer a discount with each bag that you use.  At a local grocery in KC, you get 5 cents off your bill for each bag that you use.  That might not seem like a lot, but it is something, plus you don't leave with a plethora of plastic.
  3. Stop buying bottled water.  My dear friend Amy, talked me up and down one day about the detriment of the earth because of bottled water.  I try very hard to keep a reusable cup or Water Bottle (Nalgene) with me.  
  4. This biggest one for me is shopping local.  If I can buy something that was grown in Missouri, I am going to buy it.  For one, it supports community, and for two, it is probably going to taste a whole lot better because it is in season and didn't have to travel far to get to my plate!
A great new website, that I stumbled upon, is No Impact Man.  I am not quite as extreme as some of his ideas suggest, but I like his thought process.  I think if everyone just started making small changes in their own impact to life, we would see beautiful things come about!

Let me know of some of your no/low impact ideas!  The more you know, right?!?!

Stay Sweet,

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  1. I'm into the green movement! I'd love to start my own garden as well!