Sweet, Sweet Sunday

This weekend is only day two, into a three day weekend, and the Mr. and I have got so so so much done.  I have been complaining, for awhile now, about my jankity shoe rack.  It was purchased out of need.  A need for the many, many pairs of shoes that I have.  Well, it was plastic and held together with plastic and after a couple of years of housing shoes, holding a tower of jeans, and just all around neglect, it was time for a new solutions.

Enter, man and construction!  After a short trip to Lowe's, we emerged with the tools to create a nice shoe rack! Well Mr. Elliott did it.  I was just the inspiration :)  It has turned out amazing.  I am so proud that Mr. Elliott has a knack for building things.

Yes, that is an accomplished weekend!

Stay Sweet,


  1. wow! you have a lot of shoes! :)

  2. I know ;) Call me the modern day Carrie Bradshaw