Sweet, Sweet Sunday

Well Missouri is having a bit of a weather identity crisis today.  Last night we had severe thunderstorms and tornadic activity.  Today it is HUMID and 80.  Yowza, I wasn't quite ready for the humidity to hit.  

I did get some pretty sweet tattoos last night, so I thought I would share.  Yes, I know this is a name of a band, and no, that is not why I got it.  Mr. Elliott and some of his friends are starting a car club by this name, so there.  Long story short, it is for Mr. Elliott :)

Also, for good measure here are some photos from this weekend.

My vintage manicure

The wait area at the Mercy Seat
My new gypsy crown courtesy of Ms. Moorea Seal.  I LOVE THIS!!!
Stay Sweet,


  1. LOVE your tattoo's and the gypsy crown. it's adorable!

    the vintage manicure is pretty cool. definitely will give it a try :)

  2. You should try the manicure, make sure to try it with gel polish, it will last longer!