Shape up your Style I 1.0

A few months ago, I did an installment, Shape up your Closet.  That was just the beginning to the next level for helping you achieve your goal of creating a personal style. *Again, I do not proclaim to be a professional stylist or makeup artist.  These are just ideas I have found working for myself*

For my first move in shaping up my personal style, I decided to look within.  I have been a practicing vegetarian for 23, almost, 24 years.  I come from a very carnivorous family :)  I made this decision at the tender age of 5 after a terrifying FFA high school student told me where hamburgers came from.  My parents, out of shear panic, decided to let me "grow out" of this phase, and here I am years later still not eating flesh.
I am certainly not preaching for everyone to convert to vegetarianism or veganism, I am simply leading you through my journey.  

The first move I am making is to move all of my beauty products to a Cruelty Free regimen.  I think that most humans can agree that testing on animals is probably not the best way to get a fair and kind result.  I promise I am not going to get all "PETA" on you people :)

Now, stick with me.  Even if you don't mind buying products that are tested on animals, you still should take a hard look at your beauty routine and the products that you use.  
  • Do you have products that are just sitting on your shelves not in use?
  • Are you still using the same mascara that you used 4+ months ago? 
  • Do you have a drawer full of "mistake" purchases?  
  • Are you using the same beauty product you have used for years?
If you can answer yes to these questions, then guess what?  It is time to shape your style up!

Step 1 ~ Clean out your beauty products, and I mean all of them.  Get the makeup bag out of your purse.  Get in your beauty drawer in the bathroom.  Everywhere you store products for face, skin, hair, etc.  I am talking everything girls.  Find all your lotions, epoxies, scrubs, sun blocks, and chap sticks.  Getting my drift?
  • Check the expiration dates on all products. If you can't find it, and you know you have not used the product in 6 months, then toss it.
  • If the bottle is broken, missing parts that make it usable, or the product is leaking, then guess what? Toss it
  • Do you need 15 tubes of the same or similar color of lipsticks? No. Start grouping similar shades of products together.  If you find that you have three eye shadows that are basically the same know the drill...purge!
  • Expiration Timeline:
    • Concealor up to 12 months
    • Powder 2 years
    • Cleansers 1 year
    • Pencil Eye Liner up to 3 years
    • Eyeshadow up to 3 years
    • Foundation up to 12 months
    • Lip Liner up to 3 years
    • Lipstick up to 2 years
    • Mascara 3 months
    • Nail Polish up to 12 months
  • For me, this is where I do some research.  If you want to join the Cruelty Free Brigade, then this is where you purge all items that the parent company tests on animals.  This makes me sad, but it makes me sadder to think of animals being tested on.

For a complete list of cruelty free companies visit Peta.

Step 2 ~ Get a new system or case for your beauty products.  
  • Purchase a new makeup bag for your purse.
  • Purchase a new makeup case/holder for your bathroom
  • Store your toiletries in a new gorgeous way in your bathroom.  I have a special place that I store all the little samples I get from sephora.  This way they are easy to find and I will remember to try them, not just let them trash up my bathroom.

Step 3 ~ Replenish your makeup collection.  Now that you have purged your collection, it is time to restock.  Make a list of everything you need to replace immediately.  For me, that is mascara.  Blondes with out mascara....well it just scares me.  This is the part you don't want to go too crazy on, as I will touch on this in the next installment.  For now replenish foundation, powder, mascara, concealor, etc.  

Stay Sweet,

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  1. I had no idea mascara expired!! Thank you so much!!

  2. It sure does! Can you believe it, and it is one of the first things to "go". I hope this helped!