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Spotlight Interview ~ Impact Jewelry ~ & Giveaway!

Check it out lovelies, it's my next Spotlight Interview with Tabitha from Impact Jewelry.  She is such a super sweet lady! I met her playing roller derby, and even though we weren't on the same team, her level head and super cuteness caught my attention!  I love people who are polite, especially those that have really great talents!
Without further ado, I present to you Impact Jewelry!  Please visit her etsy store or her blog.

If you place an order from now through 5/13 attach the code BLOGLOVE and you will get free shipping!

Lastly, this post is a giveaway too! The winner will receive a $50 credit to Impact Jewelry Store!  Please read below for the details!

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Where are you from?
Born in Pocahontas, AR. Raised mostly in small towns in Louisiana - moved to Missouri at 16 with my family.

How did you get your store started?
I asked my husband's aunt to teach me how to make jewelry, because I was planning a trip to Kenya and wanted to bring back beads and make jewelry as gifts! She gave me a lesson in November of last year, and I've been practicing ever since! I'm finally taking that trip to Kenya in June! I opened my etsy shop as a two-fold outlet: one, to make jewelry a self-sustaining hobby; and two, as an outlet for giving to charity.

What inspires you?
Being around other crafty people inspires me. I love learning new techniques and trying new things!

What celebrity would you most like to wear your items?

Hmmm... I'd say Zooey Deschanel. I love her look and style!!

What is your biggest pet peeve?

At the moment I would say people driving under the speed limit in the passing lane. Come on, people. Move over.

What are your favorite websites?

Here are some of my favorite etsy shops:

And other websites I frequent often: (one of my husband's creative outlets) (gotta get my movie fix)

What is your dream job?
Funny - I just happen to be transitioning my whole life in pursuit of it now! I am currently pursuing my Master's in School Counseling. I have realized I want to work with kids!! I have been in school for a year now, and I'm taking the plunge, quitting my plush job with nice pay and benefits to focus more of my time on trying to get school district experience. Wish me luck!!

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
In 13 years of schooling (K-12), I moved and attended 10 different schools. The surprising part? I wasn't even a military brat - I'm the daughter of a preacher man!  

Stay Sweet,


  1. Very nice jewelry. Good luck with your business.

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