Sweet, Sweet Fantasy

Yesterday, my co-worker Ashley, and I had the pleasure of shopping for the world's ugliest work shoes.  We work for an orthodontist, and there are about a million rules to the type of shoe you are allowed to wear in a dental office.  Thanks OSHA.

Our selection was very limited, but in our hoity-toity minds we thought we could be the ones to crack the ugly work shoe code, and miraculously find the cute, yet functional work shoe haven.  After searching high and low, and even involving one of our bosses on the search effort, we had no luck.  Enter the ugliest work show ever, Dansko.  Yuck

Since we were so discouraged in shopping for shoes, we decided to liven up the party by trying on a plethora of prom dresses.  With our arms full of ridiculous dress, we headed to the dressing rooms.  The sales associate was clearly not happy that we had no intention of purchasing said dresses, but who cares? We needed a smile.

P.S.  I think that if these dresses below were the options for my prom dress, 1. My dad would have killed me from all the exposed skin, and 2. Uh, can anyone say yikes to these patterns?

Stay Sweet,


  1. omg! fabulous Kem! (if that is what prom dresses are looking like in 10 years, Haven is not going!!)

  2. I know! they are crazy, stupid, ugly, right?

  3. Wow! Awesome! Otherwise, i'm speechless.