Shape up your closet ~ I 4.6

I started this journey with my own personal closet. Purged shoes, clothes, pajamas, accessories, handbags, you name it; I purged it. Then we moved to Cate's closet. 

From there, my dear friend Megan's was the natural next choice.  So Cate, Megan, & myself gathered at Megan's house and shaped up everything she owned.  When we were done, Megan was left with a stellar casual wardrobe and a few select pieces in which to start building a professional wardrobe.

In fact, between Cate's ultra business wardrobe, and Megan's stellar casual wardrobe, one would be perfectly inclined to say that they had a well rounded closet.  However, after the cleaning and re-bagging items for sale and items destined to the garbage, we did have to make a "shoe" run.  Poor Megan had not a single professional work shoe to her name.  I know what you are thinking, how is this possible?  So sad, but so true.
Napping Kitty

Beginning of the closet of the Queen of Tank Tops

Messy Accessories means having no idea what you have.
Watch out Mad Men....

The beginning of something wonderful!
We didn't have a "wire hanger situation" this time.
A few wire hangers that had to go.
This lady loves to put too many things on one hanger
Cate holding the wire hangers.  You always have to have someone hold them.

It feels soooo good!
Ta Da!

Megan and I, afterward, went on a shoe extravaganza and managed to refill her closet with some new casual shoes and some spectacular work appropriate wonders.  I am amazed that this gorgeous girl had no heels to her name.  Now, I don't see her rocking any of my stilettos any time soon, but we started her off with some kitten heels and a few small wedges.  Before I know it, she will be grabbing the tallest shoes she can find!

Stay Sweet,


  1. I LOVE the Unicorn Shirt!!!

  2. Bianca, I knew you would love that shirt!